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My name is Andrés Úlfur Helguson

Andrés Úlfur Helguson is the founder and owner of Iceland Untouched and Bergrisinn ehf. Andrés is a cultural anthropologist with a passion for people, nature and photo-graphy. He loves his island and he has been guiding for the past 15 years in the mountains, on glaciers and on the roads as a mountain/driver- and snowmobile guide-and a certified glacier guide.


Proud to be a true descendant of our first settler Ingólfur Arnarson, he comes from a long line of artists, having lived all over the island and travelled the world from early age he has a special connection with the local peopleand great ability to understand and connect to people from different parts of the world.

Bergrisinn or the Stone giant is a mythological creature from the old viking Sagas. He is one of the four protectors of Iceland, as displayed on the Coat of arm of Iceland. He protects the island from any outside threat. He is the protector of the Icelandic nation and nature.

We operate under his protection and by his values. We are great admirers of nature and we seek every opportunity to get the "alone in the world experience" wherever we are. We only operate with private small groups through local people with emphasis on luxury and high quality local products and services around the island that give our customers a better understanding of the Icelandic way of life, our history, our traditions and our untouched nature.

My name is Eva Sigurðardóttir




My name is Eva Sigurðardóttir.I have been traveling around Iceland since I was a little girl. Being out in the nature, experiencing something new and exciting is the most amazing feeling in the world. Ever since I had my first trip abroad, I knew that traveling and tourism industry was something I wanted to do. 

As soon as graduated high school I wanted to go travel and experience something new, meet new people and get to know different cultures. I lived for 6 months in Spain and 4 years in Sweden where I was able to meet people from all around the world and broaden my horizon to different cultures and people.

I did my bachelor’s and master’s degree in tourism and hospitality since I wanted to specialize in that field. I worked as a flight attendant with my studies to be able to travel around the world and get to meet new people and experiences.


Having experienced traveling around the world I really felt the desire to introduce tourists to Iceland and all the amazing adventures and untouched nature Iceland has to offer.

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