All our tours are made around our concepts of the unbound, unspoiled, untamed and untouched nature of Iceland. From our point of view this is what makes Iceland so special and should be enjoyed and remembered as such. After the mass tourism became a reality on the island it has become more difficult to enjoy it as such. With years of experience we still like to keep off the beaten track, away from mass tourism in every way we can and we can truly say that we still experience that "Alone in the world" feeling on our trips where we can enjoy what nature has to offer to the fullest.
There are some areas of the island that are more travelled than others, but it also depends on the season. We operate throughout the year in different parts of the island and we put great emphasis on quality over quantity. We only travel in small groups with professional guides, real local food and always close to nature.
If you can't make up your mind or can't relate to any of our trips we
 offer the unlimited option; tailor made trips of your liking. These trips usually include other activities like, cave expeditions, snowmobiling, snorkelling, heliskiing, glacier climbing or/and other kinds of travel. 
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